On the Irregular with Java Bere

Conversation with Nadia Karim - Writer and Life Coach

April 14, 2022 Java Bere Season 2 Episode 9
On the Irregular with Java Bere
Conversation with Nadia Karim - Writer and Life Coach
Show Notes

This week I’m chatting to writer and life coach, Nadia Karim.

Nadia’s rich journey includes a passion for photography, social justice, an ongoing theme of storytelling and being one half of Edinburgh based shop Century General Store.

We had a long chat about empathy, acknowledging the depths of our differences, the value of being quiet, her journey as a writer and story teller, interrogating the attitude of ‘one size fits all’ to wellbeing and her gentle approach to coaching.

For more details on how Nadia works and how you can join her online community, please refer to the show notes.

You can find Nadia online at everydaywrites.com and join her Radiant Folk online community by subscribing via her website.

All of Nadia's coaching is one-to-one, online. Nadia also sent me a breakdown of who might find her coaching useful:

  • You have ideas for a creative project but don't know where to begin and are feeling overwhelmed which is stopping you from starting, you want to be clear on what to do first.
  • You have sensory needs that affect how you navigate the world and want to put in place consistent wellbeing habits.
  • You want to tell your story or your creativity as a person from a marginalised identity, with someone who understands and celebrates their lived experience and the bigger picture of how they navigate the world
  • You've recently had an autism / ADHD / neurodiversity diagnosis and are exploring what this means for the way you approach your life, wellbeing or work moving forwards
  • You want to make a big leap towards something you've always dreamed 
  • You want to create healthy boundaries with family members or in any aspect of your life
  • You want to know where best to focus your energy and to show up consistently instead of feeling drained

Welcome to episode nine with the gentle, soothing and wise Nadia Karim.

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