On the Irregular with Java Bere

Conversation with Lynne Morris - Artist, Designer and Maker

September 09, 2022 Java Bere Season 3 Episode 1
On the Irregular with Java Bere
Conversation with Lynne Morris - Artist, Designer and Maker
Show Notes

In this episode I chat to artist, designer, maker and soon to be qualified yoga teacher, my friend Lynne Morris.

Throughout this conversation, amongst many things, you will witness Lynne’s ADHD in live, gorgeous, technicolour action, and you will also witness my giddy inability to stop cackling every thirty seconds.

We grasshopper all over the place, covering: Lynne’s long lost career dreams of being an olympic athlete, her time creating Burlesque costumes in Melbourne, how she nearly became a tailor on Savile row, how easy it is to devalue our creativity when it is infused in every area of our life, drawing people on public transport, the vast difference between privilege and lack of privilege when embarking on a career in the arts and… so. Much. more.

Welcome to my conversation with the truly spectacular and marvellously self analytical Lynne Morris.

Warning, this episode contains swearing.

You can find Lynn’s work on instagram @lynnemorrismakes 

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Jingle and final production: Jon Tipler

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